Web Security Audits

Security is critical to avoid liability from exposure of sensitive or proprietary information leading to identity theft and financial fraud.

Website attacks account for an overwhelming number of targets on the internet. With the evolving complexity in today's web applications, the number of potential weak points are rapidly increasing. The bottom line is, any web systems that provide interactive features are at risk of exploitation.

Nanolink has code security audit experience dating back to 1999 while auditing large systems written in C and C++. Our current focus is on LAMP or FAMP (FreeBSD) stacks powering web applications ranging from simple form emailing scripts to dynamic content management systems and system integration tools.

Website security audits cover the entire user interaction with your web system. From the User Interface down to Database queries. Accompanied with well documented practices and consultations regarding remedies for any weak points. All audits will be carried out in our secure facility based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. We utilize FedEx or UPS for secure shipping of documents and digital media.

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