Our Service Promises

Customer Service Guarantee

  1. We respond to all email inquiries within 12 hours maximum.
  2. We always answer our phones during business hours; if we are occupied on the phone we will call you back within the same day, or 24 hours.
  3. We provide precise reports outlining the labour going in to your project.

Website Development Guarantee

  1. We provide you with full, un-encoded source code upon completion of your project.
  2. We thoroughly test required functionality for all our products.
  3. We ensure clean, well documented code.
  4. Project source code is kept in a repository to maintain every change throughout the project life cycle.

Website Design Guarantee

  1. End users will easily navigate your site.
  2. We work with you until you are satisifed with the site aesthetics.
  3. We design each site with a unique look tailored for your business.

Security Analysis & Audit Guarantee

  1. We strictly adhere to federally accepted evaluation guidelines.
  2. We keep all details on your project in our secure facilities.
  3. We provide detailed reports on all analysis from low to high risk code practices.
  4. We provide logical feedback with necessary steps to increase the security of your project.

SEO Guarantee

  1. We abide by Google webmaster standards to ensure that your website will index properly on search engines.
  2. We use industry standard and ethical search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
  3. We deliver a comprehensive monthly report to all SEO program participants.
  4. Following our SEO guidelines will help increase visits to your website and help improve your websites organic search performance.